Klinika SW. Moniki

Our Service was founded in 1997.  We help Western European patients to find suitable clinics in the whole of Poland. Furthermore we advise and help our customers and if required make the travel arrangements.

Here you can find further information about the clinic the head surgeon and descriptions of the plastic surgeries. Our goal is to improve your appearance, give you the look you want and make big difference in your life. In simple terms, the best medical care that you deserve.

Klinika SW. Moniki

The clinic SW.Moniki is situated in the centre of the Slubice. Slubice is a border town to Germany and only an hour’s drive away from Berlin and 3 km from the train station in Frankfurt Oder.
Before a cosmetic surgery patients have the possibility to have their blood examination done in the nearby laboratory. We offer affordable cosmetic surgery prices for beauty procedures with highly qualified and experienced surgeons.

Most operations are carried out under anaesthesia and are inpatient in order to allow the patients to recover during the first days after the cosmetic surgery in a supervised and safe environment. Some procedures are carried out outpatient. In these cases the patients are allowed to leave the clinic on the day of the surgery.

Just as important for a successful plastic surgery as medical knowledge is modern surgical equipment. High quality surgical equipment enables the surgeons to perform complicated operations. Our surgeons are knowledgeable about and uses only modern surgical techniques and all materials used during cosmetic surgeries are certified.